artMRKT San Francisco

2013 Installations

artMRKT San Francisco 2013 included 8 installations commissioned for the fair.

Future Cities Lab, 2012
Presented by ZERO1 (located at the fair entrance)
Datagrove translates local trending Twitter feeds into shifting patterns and intensities of light and sound that respond to the physical presence of people.

My Pipes, My Drone
Guy Overfelt, 2013

Presented by Ever Gold Gallery (located on Main Floor)
Guy Overfelt's anti-formalist Venn diagram, My pipes, My drone, represents a collision of influences from Carroll Shelby, Henry Moore, Plato's Cave, Burt Reynolds, Gutenberg, Norman Mailer, and The Department of Homeland Security

Lucky Moon
Ann Weber, 2011

Presented by Dolby Chadwick Gallery (located at the fair entrance)
To create her oversized structures, Weber first translates her ideas into a form that becomes an armature around which she weaves long strips of found cardboard, applies a battery of staples, and eventually coats with polyurethane. Her forms are allusions to interpersonal relationships, connectivity and communication which are both extensions of and metonyms for the larger human concerns that preoccupy Weber. Not only does she push her sculpture’s formal and material possibilities to develop these thematic concerns, but in so doing she also destabilizes the viewers’ expectations regarding the very definition of art.

Obscenity - a version for brotherhood
Taro Hattori, 2010

Presented by Swarm Gallery (located at the fair entrance)
Obscenity -a version for brotherhood is modeled on the Ohka airplane, the first and the last airplane manufactured ever solely for suicidal attacks and actually employed in real battle.

Klari Reis, 2013

Presented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery (located on the main floor)
Colored life forms dance across the wall in this installation project comprised of hand painted plexiglass petri dishes. Klari uses reflective epoxy polymer to depict electron microscopic images of natural and unnatural cellular reactions. The effect is hopeful, almost playful, belying the serious nature of the subject matter. Supported by steel rods, the paintings sit at varying degrees of distance from the wall, evoking depth and motion.

Ghost in the Machine
Randy Colosky, 2013

Presented by Chandra Cerrito Contemporary (located on the main floor)
Ghost in the Machine is an example of Randy Colosky's primary interest, using ubiquitous materials to extraordinary effect. In this case, he cut hundreds of aluminum shower rods and arranged them in a steel grid. While working on the piece, light shining through his studio door illuminated the interior of the sculpture in an unexpected and almost other-worldly way. That phenomenon as well as kaleidoscopic images created by people or objects seen through the work, transform what was once mundane into something wondrous.

In/Finite Potential
Johnna Arnold, 2013

Presented by Traywick Contemporary (located in the Collector's Lounge)
Loosely inspired by a camera obscura, Johnna Arnold's sculpture, video and sound installation captures and projects the artist's vision of the outside world. Upon entering the hut, the viewer is positioned at the intersecting paths of the natural landscape, urban infrastructure and the artist herself as she traverses a bustling hybrid "planet" of her own creation. The structure itself is a physical manifestation of the artist’s desire for a universal form of shelter – an egalitarian structure that would be a resource for each individual, in our attempt to share this common resource known as the earth. Blurring the boundaries of artist, subject and setting, the installation shows us a land surrounded by freeways, yet full of in/finite potential.

Laurina Paperina, 2013

Presented by Fouladi Projects (located at the fair entrance)
Welcome is an site specific installation that invites people to enter into the enormous mouth of a giant pink bear. The godzilla sized creature is still hungry... it has eaten the animation of artist Laurina Paperina, and wants to digest the viewer into a full sensory experience of sight and sound. To become, for a moment, a literal ingredient in Laurina's imaginative world. Her artwork usually depicts the artist manipulating his/her subjects, so now it is time for some playful revenge!